Mothers Day Gift Guide

May 08, 2021

Mothers Day Gift Guide

What can we give to our mothers that will ever measure up to what they have given us?

Well, that is a million dollar question! We can however, help with a well thought out gift guide to shower your mother with amazing products that will promote relaxation and self-care satisfaction! 

A candle that says " I got it from my Mama" is a sure way to bring a smile and a scent of sweet sandalwood from Often Wander.

A sheet, eye, or lip mask will be a quick DIY spa night for your mother after a long day of working or after running errands and taking care of the kids!

We also make skin sticks and salves on location that can benefit moms when they need to clear up congestion (with our Breathe skin stick and salve) or help mom to calm down those sore or aching muscles.

Herbal rollers are ideal to help mom roll that stress away, specifically with our serenity now Herbal Roller!

However, you choose to create your gift for your mom, know that it will be such a kind gesture that incorporates high quality made products.

Only the best for a woman who deserves the title of "Shero"! (A female hero)!