Stay Stress Free this School Season

August 30, 2021

Stay Stress Free this School Season

Going back to school is a huge deal for kids! They may or may not show it, but it can be a stressful time, from what clothes to wear, what Tok Tok dance they should know, to what backpack to carry! It can be very overwhelming!

Wild & Free has all sorts of stress-relief tips that can help your child truly prepare for the days ahead!

We offer Herbal Rollers which are very specific to certain pains that an individual may feel.

Our Serenity Roller is great for promoting peace and relaxation.

Our Feel Good Potion Roller is great for rolling on areas such as the temples or behind the ear to help with headaches and help to stop migraines.

Our Happy Cramper roller is perfect for girls who are struggling with painful cramps during their cycle, especially in school when they have to sit all day. 

We also have sheet masks to help them relax the night before their big day at school.

We even have bath bombs to help them enjoy a nice and relaxing bath before the start of the new day.

We all know as adults we feel the up and down emotions and stressors of each work day, but, we also should understand that children in school feel the pressures of not only other children in school but, also with society to look or act a certain way so, being able to breathe and take a few moments out of their day to incorporate these stress relief techniques with an herbal roller or a mask, will truly be one moment out of their day that they have self care and ultimately self love.