Skin Treatments

 Here at Wild & Free  we believe that beauty should be interwoven into every aspect of your self care routine. Through making our simplest daily acts rituals of beauty, we cultivate inner harmony and outer radiance. 
​*carolyn marie holistic beauty products are featured in every facial



The Signature Facial

This holistic skin treatment utilizes custom blended cold pressed organic botanicals and oils to treat the current condition of your skin.  Together we will choose a combination of modalities that your skins current state would benefit from, making each facial a personal customized experience.

Choosing from a variety of holistic treatments I offer; botanical and herbal skin therapies, customized aromatherapy, apothecary blended skincare, LED, diet and lifestyle planning, high frequency and ultrasonic technologies to renew you and deeply nourish your skin.  

Following your skin treatment a Rose quartz and Jade stone massage will be performed on the face, neck and décolleté to stimulate the muscles and help promote collagen as well as a hand and arm massage chosen from a herbal healing salve of your choice and lip treatment.

 *Because I custom mix your products during each treatment, any leftovers are given to you to take home. 
75 min

Santulana (Balancing)  Facial

In Sanskrit, Santulana means “balancing.”
A truly customized holistic facial experience, intended to bring balance to both spirit and skin. Includes aromatherapy, customized cleanse and exfoliation, Ayurvedic Marma point facial, neck and décolleté massage and customized herbal mask. Recommended for those with the goal of balancing and protecting your skin as well as spirit.
*extractions are not included but can be added on for and $20

60 minutes

Ananda (Bliss) Facial

Begin your clear skin journey with our Ananda treatment.
​Sanskrit for “bliss”, this treatment focusing on cleansing, purifying and healing of acne and other troubled areas. Includes a thorough cleansing of the skin with customized exfoliation, LED Light therapy or High Frequency, extractions and healing mask, to help minimize the appearance of pores while healing irritated skin and eliminating excess oil, leaving your skin calm, nourished and balanced. 
Ananda Facial is recommend for those with oily and acne prone skin, to help bring you to a place of bliss and peace with your clear skin journey.


Ojas (Vitalize) Facial

In Sanskrit, Ojas means “vitality or to vitalize”, and this facial does just that. 
​Intended to re-vitalize the skin using vitamin-rich antioxidants and plant nutrients that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production, reduce fine lines and improve elasticity, bringing vitality and a youthful glow to the skin. Includes customized cleans and exfoliation, Gua Sha collagen improving facial, neck and décolleté massage and customized herbal mask. Recommended for those with the goal of firmer, radiant skin.
*extractions are not included but can be added on for and $20 


Catura (quick) Facial
In Sanskrit Catura means "quick".
​​This abbreviated facial is for those who are tight on time. Intended to be an in-between treatment. Includes customized cleanse, exfoliation and mask. The Quick Fix is great for those looking for an efficient pick me up.
*Massage and extractions are not included but can be added on for $40 ($20 each)


Ayurvedic Back Treatment

This plant based treatment will help restore vitality and rejuvenate on every level. Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders this luxe service Utilizes Ayurvedic modalities and techniques to deep clean, unclog and exfoliate these hard to reach areas.
This treatment is completely customized to your skins needs pulling from an arsenal of modalities including; Gua Sha, Yin & Yang tools, LED Therapy and High Frequency.
Hand, arm and back massage included in every treatment. 

60 min- $100

Amplify The Experience 

Body Scrub- $50

Dien Chan Facial Reflexology -$25

LED Light Therapy -$20
High Frequency- $20
Gua Sha Massage- $20
Lip Treatment- $20
Eye Treatment-$20

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