Brownie Batter Gold Infused Body Scrub

Bring luxury home with our 24 Karat Gold Infused Brownie Batter Body Scrub! 

Nothing can beat the smell of gooey, fogey brownies fresh our of the oven…especially when its all guilt and calorie free!

Our made on location Brownie Batter Body Scrub features a unique blend of organic salts, sugar and natural botanicals and oils that will gently scrub away dead skin and leave your body hydrated and glowing!

Tips for use:

  • Best when used on wet skin
  • Massage in circular motions avoiding sensitive areas
  • Use 2-3 times a week
  • Follow up with one of our made on location Body Frostings

Made on location by our holistic esthetician 


*This item is part of our Bulk Refill Sustainability Program If local bring your clean jar back to refill and enjoy over again! Discount for Bulk Refill program available 

ingredients: sugar, epsom, coconut oil, african shea butter, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, 24k gold flakes