Manuka Mask

This Manuka Honey mask is sure to be a part of your glowing daily skin ritual!

It's made with both Manuka and Local Raw Honey to provide a healing, super boosting moisture nutrient rich escape for all skin types.

In just 15 minutes this mask will soften, smooth, heal, attack blemishes, hydrate and calm irritated skin.

Using the honey tapping method along side this mask will improve all benefits and promote a gentle exfoliation process.

Manuka honey is the star in this mask. It is known for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and humectant (drawing moisture in) properties, as well as slowing the aging process by promoting collagen growth.  

Made on location by our holistic esthetician


*This item is part of our Bulk Refill Sustainability Program If local bring your clean jar back to refill and enjoy over again! Discount for Bulk Refill program available 

Ingredients: manuka honey, raw local honey, french pink clay, pomegranate seed oil