Sun Activated UV Gel Top Coat

Introducing Light Activated Gel Topcoat!

This new topcoat formula uses breakthrough technology utilizing a revolutionary patented pro-wear oligomer, a photo-initiator that cures under natural light to harden and increase the durability by preserving film flexibility for record wear. Provides limitless shine and instant volume creating the perfect gel-like look.

This topcoat will make your manicure last intact after 6 days 96.9%. Furthermore, after 6 days of testing 96.9% of polish remained on the nails – meaning a long-lasting, chip-free experience.

Light Activated Gel Topcoat comes in an opaque bottle to protect the photo indicator properties of the formula.

Suggested Use: 

Step 3 of our Signature Lauren B. Beauty Gel-Like Manicure Process. 

Simply apply one coat of Light Activated Topcoat on top of polish as you would normally. Allow to cure under natural light; indoor light is fine no need for a special lamp…Voila even LONGER lasting limitless shine!

You do NOT need a UV lamp! This Gel-like Topcoat cures under any type of light — normal indoor or outdoor light works!

Always 7-free, clean, and vegan – Lauren B. Beauty never compromises health for beauty. Made in California with quality ingredients sourced locally and responsibly.

made with love by Lauren B. Beauty